Monday, January 7, 2008

The Everyday as Art

I have been reading all about Slow Design the last couple of days in preparation for writing about it and its relationship to my own work. I have been thinking that my blog would be a great place to put my ideas down as I develop my thesis. In doing this, i have come across these three images as very good sources for my thesis project. I have been frequenting Lisa Congdon's Blog which has some images of her kitchen as you see at the left. She has this wonderful way of displaying objects of day to day use as art objects--right up my alley! I have been working on developing hooks for displaying your cup collection in a composition similar to the image below. I have also been working on engineering a cleat system for hanging bowls on the wall--making it easy to use the art you hang on the wall. Keep posted to see the work as it develops, for now it is in the developing stages...

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