Saturday, January 19, 2008

Spectacular Craft Reading List

I have already purchased a couple of the books on this incredible reading list. I highly reccomend visiting the V&A site for more information about this exhibit. If you are near London or passing through, the show is up until February 17th.

  • Adamson, Glenn. Thinking Through Craft. New York: Berg, 2007
  • Bishop, Claire. Installation Art: a Critical History. London: Tate, 2005 NAL pressmark: 603.AG.0493
  • Bishop, Claire, ed. Participation. London: Whitechapel Gallery, 2006. NAL pressmark: 602.AH.0102
  • The Body Politic: The Role of the Body and Contemporary Craft. London: Crafts Council, 2000. NAL pressmark: 603.AD.2334
  • Bourriaud, Nicolas. Relational Aesthetics. Dijon: Presses du RĂ©el, 2002. NAL pressmark: 73.D.211
  • Buskirk, Martha. The Contingent Object of Contemporary Art. London: MIT, 2003. NAL pressmark: 602.AE.0286
  • Crow, Thomas. The Intelligence of Art. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1999. NAL pressmark: NB.99.1512
  • Danto, Arthur C. After the End of Art: Contemporary Art and the Pale of History. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1997. NAL pressmark: NB.97.0386
  • De Oliveira, Nicolas, Nicola Oxley, and Michael Petry. Installation Art in the New Millennium. London: Thames and Hudson, 2003. NAL pressmark: 603.AE.0595
  • Dormer, Peter. The Art of the Maker. London: Thames and Hudson, 1994. NAL pressmark: 22.J.165
  • Dormer, Peter, ed. The Culture of Craft: Status and Future. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1997. NAL pressmark: NB.98.0008
  • Drucker, Johanna. Sweet Dreams: Contemporary Art and Complicity. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005.
  • Fariello, M. Anna, and Paula Owen, eds. Objects and Meaning: New Perspectives on Art and Craft. London: Scarecrow Press, 2003. NAL pressmark: 602.AE.0725
  • The Future is Handmade: The Survival and Innovation of Crafts. Prince Claus Fund Journal 10 ( 2003).
  • Greenhalgh, Paul, ed. The Persistence of Craft: the Applied Arts Today. London: A & C Black, 2002. NAL pressmark: 603.AD.1242
  • Harrod, Tanya. The Crafts in Britain in the 20th Century. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1999. NAL pressmark: ND.99.0238
  • Harrod, Tanya, ed. Obscure Objects of Desire: Reviewing the Crafts in the Twentieth Century. London: Crafts Council, 1997. NAL pressmark: 73.R.87
  • Highmore, Ben, ed. The Everyday Life Reader. London: Routledge, 2002.
  • Jeffries, Janis. Selvedges: Writings and Artworks Since 1980. Norwich: Norwich Gallery, 2000. NAL pressmark: 606.AE.0383
  • Johnson, Jean, ed. Exploring Contemporary Craft: History, Theory & Critical Writing. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2002. NAL pressmark: 602.AE.0806
  • Jones, Amelia. Body Art: Performing the Subject. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1998. NAL pressmark: NC.98.1948
  • Jones, Caroline A. The Machine in the Studio: Constructing the Postwar American Artist. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996. NAL pressmark: 47.Y.2061
  • Johnson, Pamela, ed. Ideas in the Making: Practice in Theory. London: Crafts Council, 1998. NAL pressmark: NC.99.0815
  • Kwon, Miwon. One Place After Another: Site-Specific Art and Locational Identity. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2002. NAL pressmark: 602.AC.1070
  • The Maker's Eye. London: Crafts Council, 1981.
  • Munroe, Alexandra. Japanese Art After 1945: Scream Against the Sky. New York: Abrams, 1994. NAL pressmark: ND.96.0480
  • Peters, Tessa, and Janice West, eds. The Uncanny Room. London: Luminous Books, 2002. NAL pressmark: 602.AD.0596
  • Pye, David. The Nature and Art of Workmanship. Rev. ed. London: Herbert Press, 1995. NAL pressmark: NC.95.0314
  • Rowley, Sue, ed. Craft and Contemporary Theory. St. Leonards, NSW: Allen & Unwin, 1997. NAL pressmark: 399.A.0011

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