Monday, December 31, 2007

Handmade 2.0

In my own work, I find that I am constatntly struggling to keep my interests in ceramics at the forefront of my day to day studio practice. In my time at grad school, I have been reading a lot about making art, what art is, the history of art and so on. I find that in the few minutes I have between coming home from the studio and collapsing into bed, I cant help but do a bit of catch up on the world of crafting and design that is so prominent on the web. This world of product reveiws and handmade movements seems so inline with who I would like to be as an artist. I feel as though I have been invited into a dialogue about what ceramics is for me--about the hand, about good design, about usefulness and accessibility and so on. The recent article Handmade 2.0 written by Rob Walker for the NYT was an excellent find. I cannot wait to read the book when it is published. Click here to read the article by Rob.

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