Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ayumi Horie has curated an upcoming show titled: Obamaware. There will be a preview of the work for sale up on Ayumi's site on October 13th. The work will actually be for sale October 15th. Ayumi writes of the show:

"On October 15th, this online exhibition will go live as a fundraiser for the Barack Obama campaign for the US Presidency. Twenty-seven ceramic artists have joined in creating Obama/Biden-specific work, much of it limited edition, in an effort to raise money in support of Obama in this crucial election. We invite you to support our efforts, as half of the proceeds of your purchase will go directly to the campaign.

Potters often talk about the intersection of art and everyday life and functional ceramic's power to impact people on a daily, intimate basis. Through Obamaware 2008, we hope to expand this dialogue by generating a timely conversation and by supporting a candidate who is brave enough to promote a hopeful, humanistic paradigm."

Please visit the Obamaware site for profiles of the artists who are participating in the show. Janice Jakielski, a fellow ceramics grad from CU is pne of the participating artists (her work is shown here)

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