Thursday, August 14, 2008

Craft Victoria

If you haven't recently been to the Craft Victoria website, it is time. A hip compliment to the current trends in craft in the US, it is very similar to our own American Craft Magazine. It has great articles and show reviews online. What got me there was their current A Month About Making with a show I'll Show You My Craft, If You Show Me Yours #1 as well as a show titled: In the Making: Professional Members' Exhibition
The images for the "I'll show you mine" came from Australia's Design Files weblog. There are also lots of ceramic related articles in their Craft Culture section of the site. I enjoyed the article by Garth Clark titled: Blunting the New. It is a spirited reaction to criticism from Damon Moon regarding some of Clark's own critical views of Bernard Leach (yes, we are still having that conversation in the ceramics world) as well as some fears about Clark's gallerist role in Australia. I have to quote Clark here just to whet your appetite:

" much as we may praise Leach for his dedication, his kindness (as long as you were not one of his wives or children) and his undisputed love of pots, he and his often more conservative followers brought on decades of artistic constipation, delaying our engagement with the contemporary."

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